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“In a day and age where businesses don’t care about people, and customers only take the time to complain, I felt compelled to give praise and applaud the services rendered to my family by A to Z Flood. On a moments notice their team landed on my doorstep and saved my home and belongings from thousands of dollars of further damage. They immediately began removing ALL of my belongings, they showed up like a swat team with dehumidifiers and countless massive fans. I was extremely upset and even begged them to stop at one point. The owner, David, took they time to understand my panic and explain that moisture will keep moving causing irreparable damage to my cherished things and the parts of my home I couldn’t even see. He promised his team would see me through and explain step by step how he would guarantee my family would NOT be dealing with mold in the future, and that my personal things would be well cared for. He made good on his promise. From start to finish: cutting walls and bare concrete on 80+% of my home, to beautifully painted new drywall, all of my gorgeous wood floors and new molding throught-out, my new tile, new cabinetry AND even replacing all of my furniture; this company is amazing! Its one thing to do your job and do it well, but its another when they make you feel like they care. I even received a card in the mail from the owners wife wishing my family well and sympathy for what we were going through. They took an event that was traumatic to our family, and made it easier with their level of confidence and care. Now that my family is happy to be home, we all have discussed how fortunate we feel to not only have had A to Z Flood on our side, but Allstate as our insurance company. Since our loss happened, my husband and I both have talked to so many of our friends and family about similar situations they have gone through, and ALL have them have ended poorly. Many have had poor emergency service providers and their homes continue to have mold damage. Others had companies that did subgrade work on their homes and feel like they had one disaster replaced with another. Many complained of their insurance company not being helpful through the process and making life miserable.THANK YOU A to Z Flood for the gift of my home better than it was before and THANK YOU Allstate for being hands down the BEST insurance provider a family can have. I am beyond thrilled with you BOTH, you made an excellent team!” From 1-10 (10 being best) rate your experience with A to Z Flood Inc.: 10!! -Michelle Haley; Victorville, CA 08/08/2012

“I noticed I needed a Flood Restoration Company to come to my home and notified A to Z Flood. They responded and were at my house within an hour. They immediately took charge and began the work to dry out my kitchen. Besides taking care of the dry out process they gave me some very helpful suggestions and strategies dealing with my losses. Every employee was very professional and extremely well trained in their work. They were always on time and completed the task within the timeframe they had given me. They helped turn a disastrous experience into a somewhat manageable one. I was very impressed with A to Z, and in the future, if I ever need dry out services I will always call A to Z Flood.” From 1-10 (10 being best) rate your experience with A to Z Flood Inc.: 9 -Ryan R.; Murrieta, CA 03/06/2013

“A-Z Flood, Inc. provided a great service to our home and family during our flooding experience. The staff was very professional and friendly. They had great communication with us during all stages of service. Their team is great. I would definitely use their service again and will recommend them to our friends and family. Thank you A-Z!” From 1-10 (10 being best) rate your experience with A to Z Flood Inc.: 10 -Natalie and Jimi; Temecula, CA 01/27/2013

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