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Water Restoration
If flooding or water damage has occurred in your place of residence or commercial property, hiring a professional restoration contractor is necessary to identify the source of water intrusion, clean and dry out the structure, and ensure your contents and structure are restored. Protect your home immediately by calling A to Z Flood, Inc. Waiting too long may result in more damage. Depending on the circumstances, certain items may not be able to be restored if water sits over 48 hours.



Home Owners Insurance
Water damage and flooding can be caused by many different things, and in some cases your home owners insurance will cover the loss. We work will all major insurance carriers and will help you file a claim, if you need assistance. We can represent you if you feel you cannot deal directly with your insurance. A to Z Flood, Inc. has years of experience working directly with all major insurance carriers. If you suspect you have a water damage and would like a professional opinion of a certified technician, call to schedule an appointment.

Get familiar with our testimonials and you will see A to Z Flood, Inc. is the right choice when it comes to water damageContainment

What To Do Incase of Flooding:
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When the structure is not habitable due to demolition, potentially hazardous mold or bacteria contaminants, slippery floors, noisy equipment or too many wires everywhere, electrical hazards as well as slipping and falling, A to Z Flood, Inc will inform you of such. In this scenario don’t be alarmed and just ask yourself;
“Is it still safe to stay in the house?” If any uncertainty arises it may be necessary to relocate you to a hotel or otherwise until the work is finished. In many cases, if you have insurance, they can reimburse you for this cost.

Mat Drying System

In most cases you will not be able to handle the water damage alone, and you should consider calling a professional before your contents and structure suffer irrevocable damage.

•Tile flooring, mortar and the concrete which lie under the materials can become hollow and structurally compromised after a significant water intrusion, a mat drying system may be the only way to save your flooring, thus saving you and/or the insurance company money.



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